About Our Garden

Our 1.5-acre country garden began in the late 1970s and is finally showing signs of abundant maturity. Most of the garden dates from the mid-1980s, when we put in a pond and drilled a well.

We have sandy soil and live in a water-scarce area of Lane County. The garden is a densely planted collector’s garden within a design framework. Paths lead the visitor into a woodland garden filled with a collection of trees and shrubs under which a host of rare, shade-loving perennials mingle.

Franny and Gus, the social cats, and two greyhounds will give you a tour through the rock garden and large mixed perennial borders, including several new mosaics by Jeffrey Bale. Continuing the tour to the chaparral gravel garden you will find many heat-adapted plants living with poor soil, little water, and lots of gravel mulch.

Many benches through the gardens and a little koi pool invite you to rest and linger.

Garden Tours

Garden visitors are welcome throughout the year, but need to call ahead to make sure we are home. The nursery is closed from the last half of March through February of the next year. We do not give individual guided tours. Visitors to the garden are welcome to tour the garden on their own.

For additional information, please call (541) 935-3915 or info@nwgnursery.com.

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