Wholesale Hellebores

You may now order our wholesale seedling liners for March/April 2018 delivery. Orders are filled in the order received. Some color varieties are limited.

Plugs of our various color varieties are available through Skagit GardensMonrovia and T&L Nursery.

See our Singles and Doubles galleries for photos and the Availability page for current availability for 2018 shipping.

For our international buyers only, we are also taking seed orders of singles and doubles for 2018. Fresh seed will be sent after harvest in June and July. Contact us for pricing and availability.

There is a minimum order of 225 seedlings per color, with a minimum order of 900, total.


Shipping is via 2-day air or overnight and billed to the buyer. We have some seedlings in half flats of 225; please inquire regarding availability. Our shipping season is normally March or April. To view photos of our wholesale hellebore color groups, please visit our Singles and Doubles pages. We offer growing-on advice on our Care page.

Fresh seed will be sent after harvest in June and July. Contact us for additional information.

Please email info@nwgnursery.com or call for pricing: (541)935-3915. If you would like to join our wholesale email list, please email info@nwgnursery.com and include your name, your nursery name and location, and your phone number.

How We Ship

Our seedlings are lightly bare-rooted, bundled, and packaged for shipping by two-day air (see photos at right). They should be promptly unpacked and potted upon receipt (See our Culture page for details).

Packaging seedlings for shipment
Packaging seedlings for shipment

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